Can Dependent Spouse Work In Netherlands?

Can my wife get a Dutch passport?

You must have been married to or be the registered partner of a Dutch citizen and you must have been living together for three years (and will continue to do so during the whole naturalisation procedure)..

Can a non EU spouse work in Spain?

Basically, this right applies to spouses and registered civil unions that start living with their Spanish or EU partner in Spain for a period of time longer than 3 months. They can apply for a residence and work authorization that will enable them to work in Spain under the same conditions as any other EU citizen.

Does the Netherlands allow dual citizenship?

Although Dutch law restricts dual citizenship, it is possible for Dutch nationals to legally hold dual citizenship in a number of circumstances, including: … Dutch nationals who naturalise in another country who are exempted from the loss of nationality rule, such as those married to a national of that country.

Does the Netherlands allow dual nationality?

Under the current Dutch Citizenship Act, you can keep dual nationality and multiple passports for as long as you live, provided you always carry a valid Dutch passport or identity card and do not voluntarily obtain another nationality.

What happens if I marry a Dutch citizen?

If you are married to, or a registered partner of, a Dutch citizen. … If your country of origin has rules that cause you to automatically lose your current nationality when you gain Dutch citizenship (by Dutch requirements you can only renounce your citizenship after you gain Dutch citizenship).

Can spouse work on dependent visa in Europe?

Eligible family members (spouse and dependent children) of an EU Blue Card holder are granted a long-term residence permit, with which they are allowed to access the labour market without a work permit. … The family members of foreign diplomats are also permitted to work.

How much is Luxembourg visa fee?

Fees for Immigrant Luxembourg Visas A fee of INR 3900 is charged for both Schengen Visa and National Visa. However, no fee is charged for children below the age of 6 years. An additional service fee will need to be paid to VSF for their services during the application process.

How long can you live in Spain without residency?

183 daysHow long can I stay in Spain without becoming a resident? You can stay in Spain for a maximum of 183 days per year (6 months) in order to not become a resident. If you spend an extra day (184 days and onwards), you will be regarded as a resident, hence paying resident taxes in the country.

How can I apply for family visa in Spain?

Once you receive a positive response, the relative who is abroad but wants to come to Spain must apply for a visa at the Spanish consulate located in the country of origin. After 2 months of waiting (maximum), the regrouped will receive the visa and can enter Spain in a maximum period of 3 months.

Can spouse work in Luxembourg?

A spouse is permitted to work if he or she has a work permit. You do not need a work permit if you are from an EU-member state or EEA country (except Switzerland) or you are married to a citizen of an EU-member state. Obtaining a work permit is not very easy.

Can dependent spouse work in Spain?

Once your relatives are in Spain The temporary residence permit is valid for the same length of time as the relative already living in Spain. Your spouse and dependent children older than 16 can work without applying for a work permit. Your relatives’ residence permits can be renewed at the same time as yours.

Can spouse work on dependent visa in Luxembourg?

Yes, you can work in Luxemburg on a dependent visa. This works like most of the other EU countries, where you can work on your spouse’s Visa without any sponsorship, till your spouse’s visa is valid. … What’s a good salary in Luxembourg?

How long dependent can stay outside Netherlands?

You may stay outside the Netherlands for a maximum of 6 months in a row.

How do I get a work permit in Luxembourg?

What documents do I need?valid passport photo.birth certificate.proof of clean criminal record.your resume and professional qualifications.employment contract.the original certificate allowing the employer to hire a third-country national.cover letter explaining your motivation for moving to Luxembourg.

Can my wife work on dependent visa in Netherlands?

When you have a spouse that is either from the Netherlands or a member of the EU, you can receive a residence/work permit with the spouse as your sponsor. Setting the partner as your sponsor and allows you to work in the Netherlands freely.