How Long Is It Taking To Get A Refund From Ryanair?

How do I get a refund from Ryanair?

In order to request the refund of the government tax added to your unused flight, according to Ryanair, you must apply to be reimbursed within one month of the scheduled travel date.

Ryanair has an administrative fee that you must pay if you’d like to receive the refund..

How long does it take for a flight to be refunded?

Even when affected by the coronavirus outbreak, airlines are legally obliged to refund the full amount within 7 days after the flight cancellation.

Can I get a refund from Ryanair if my flight is not Cancelled?

Once a Ryanair flight is operational, and does not have a delay exceeding 2 hours, then it is not possible to get a refund. All Ryanair flights are changeable but they cannot be cancelled.

Has anyone had a refund from Ryanair yet?

It comes 24-hours after the airline’s chief executive, Michael O’Leary, told the nation all customers have now been refunded for flight cancellations between March and September.

Do airlines have to refund your money?

You are entitled to a full cash refund if the airline cancels, makes a significant schedule change or significantly delays a flight, so wait as long as possible to cancel. Unless a new law is passed, airlines won’t be required to give you a refund if you’re the one canceling.

How much money is refunded on cancellation of flight ticket?

Fee for tickets cancelled up to two hours before the scheduled departure of the flight will be ₹ 2,250, according to the airlines. A passenger will not get any refund for the bookings cancelled 0-2 hours before scheduled departure, it said.

How do I speak to someone at Ryanair?

Contact Ryanair customer services on their standard-rate call centre contact number 0330 100 7838 for check-in enquiries, to make a complaint and to book a flight ticket over the phone.

Does Ryanair live chat?

Ryanair live chat service? If you need to talk to someone right now we suggest you use our Live chat service. An online agent will answer any queries you have in real time.

How do I complain about a Ryanair refund?

Instead, try using Ryanair’s post-booking helpline, 0330 1007 838, which is a local-rate number.

What happens if Ryanair won’t refund?

If you’ve tried to get a refund from Ryanair but you’ve been refused, you may also be able to claim your money back through your credit or debit card provider.

Can I cancel a flight and get a refund?

Wait for the airline to cancel it or make significant changes that might make you eligible to get your money back instead of a travel credit or voucher. 2. … If your flight has not been canceled by the airline or changed significantly, you are not eligible for a refund unless you had a refundable ticket.

How do I get a refund for my flight?

In This PostBook with airlines that don’t charge change fees.You are entitled to a refund when your flight is canceled.Wait until the last minute to see what happens.Schedule changes mean a full refund.Hang up and call again.Latch onto someone else’s status.Be truthful.Request a refund on your own.More items…•

Can I change my Ryanair flight for free?

To avail of ‘Free Flight Change Fee’, flight changes must take place at least 7 days before the original scheduled departure dates. … If the fare associated with new flight’s date is lower than the original paid, Ryanair will not refund the difference.

Can you email Ryanair?

Ryanair’s new email address is and can be viewed here. In recent weeks Ryanair has launched a twitter account @Ryanair.