Question: Can I Add Additional Driver To My Rental Car?

What car rental companies allow two drivers?

Rental car companies such as Budget, Avis & Enterprise allow you to add a spouse or domestic partner for free when you rent in the US.

Other rental car companies such as Thrifty, Dollar, National, Hertz and Alamo charge you to add an additional driver..

Which car rental companies allow a second driver free?

Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Fox, and Hertz offer free additional drivers for your spouse. But, that doesn’t mean any additional driver can drive the rental car. Because the additional driver policies vary slightly between agencies, we thought it best to unpack the details.

Do I need to add additional driver to rental car?

Any additional driver will need to be at the counter with you when you pick up the car. They’ll also need their passport and driving licence. Only the main driver will sign the rental agreement, but the names and other details of all additional drivers will be added to it.

How much is it to add an additional driver on a rental car?

In most U.S. states, the fee for additional drivers is $13 per day per driver. The maximum charge for additional drivers is $65 per rental.

Do all rental car companies charge for an extra driver?

Their page about additional drivers is pretty lacking, frankly. Any additional driver (excluding a spouse or domestic partner) will pay a daily fee; Renter’s spouse or domestic partner who meet the same age and driver’s license requirements of the renter are authorized drivers at no additional charge.

How can I avoid additional car rental fees?

5 Ways to Avoid Extra Rental Car FeesDON’T BUY EXTRA INSURANCE. Are you paying for your rental with a credit card? … DON’T BUY THEIR GAS. At some rental car agencies, you can prepay to have them fill your tank after you drop the car off. … AVOID THE AIRPORT. … FIND A DISCOUNT. … DON’T BOTHER TO RETURN EARLY.

What happens if I let someone else drive my rental car?

If you give permission for another person to drive the car, fine. All insurance agreements between you and the rental car company remain in force.

Is additional driver free with Hertz?

Hertz: There is a daily charge for all additional drivers, but if you are a member of Hertz Gold Plus Rewards, the fee is waived for a spouse or domestic partner.

How many additional drivers can I add?

You can usually add up to four. Contact your insurer and tell them you want to add another driver to your policy. You’ll probably have to pay a fee for making changes to your policy, even if the price of your premium doesn’t change.

How much is Hertz additional driver?

At corporate and participating licensee location, the additional fee is $13.50 per day with a maximum of $189.00 per rental for each Additional Authorized Operator. AAA – Spouse/Domestic Partner of AAA members are not required to have a separate AAA membership in order to receive the free AAO privileges.