Question: How Do I Change My App Store Description?

How do I change my review name on App Store?

If you want to change the name that appears along with your review.

In iTunes/Apple Podcasts, go to Account — View My Account.

You’ll have to log in.

On the page with your account info, scroll down and you can edit your nickname..

Why can’t I see reviews on app store?

All I did was go to the App Store, and make sure you’re on the home page (of the App Store). Then go to settings, iTunes and App Store, then sign out, then sign back in. Then go back to the App Store and try again. It should have reviews back.

What should I write in an app review?

Begin with:Your name and affiliation or expertise.App name: check the app stores for official name.App version.Developer, with link to their website.Link to app store. … Platforms: iOS, Android, web, other.More items…•

How do you write an app concept?

7 Step guide on how you develop an app idea?Step 1: Realize it is a business. … Step 2: Solve a problem. … Step 3: Research the competition. … Step 4: Figure out an MVP. … Step 5: Plan for marketing. … Create wireframes and views. … Step 7: Contact app developers.

How do you write an app store description?

9 Best Practices For Amazing App Store DescriptionsInclude Social Proof. … Give Importance to The First 3 Lines. … Localize If It Need It. … Don’t Only Focus On Your App’s Features, But Also Include The Value You Promise. … Add Emotions. … Avoid Keyword Stuffing. … Keep It Simple. … Add Calls to Action.More items…•

How can I describe my app?

Do:Always use proper punctuation and grammar.Introduce your app clearly and succinctly.Describe your app’s most notable features.Use conversational language.Think about your target customer and highlight features that will appeal to that customer.Explain how and why your app will benefit users.More items…•

How do I change my app store review?

Open the App Store App, and find the App you reviewed and rated. Then tap on the “Reviews” tab, then on “Write a Review”. Your Review and Rating should appear as you left them. you can edit both there.

Let’s dive in!Understand your customer and your competition. … Choose the right app name. … Maximize your keywords. … Create a compelling description. … Stand out with a unique icon. … Include screenshots and videos. … Localize your app listing. … Increase traffic with outside promotion.More items…•

How do you reset your app store?

If you’re still stuck, try this: Sign out on your iPad. Then go to iOS Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings (Note: You will have to sign in to saved Wi-Fi networks again if you do this.) Restart your iPad, then get back on the Wi-Fi. Then go to iOS Settings > iTunes & App Store and log back in.

How do you introduce an app?

Start with a handful—or even just one—and test what works for you and what doesn’t:Define your landing page. Make a simple and clear introduction of your app—one sentence should suffice. … Start a blog. … Use social media. … Use teasers.

How many categories are there in the app store?

24 categoriesThere are 24 categories in the App Store. Among many others, you can choose between News, Books, Navigation, Business, Education, Photo & Video, Finance, Productivity, Lifestyle, Social Networking, etc.

How do you select keywords for the App Store?

Finding the Best App Store Keywords for Your iOS AppThink of Keywords You Want Your App to Rank for. … Distribute Search Terms Across Keywords, Subtitle and App Name Field. … Leave out Plurals. … Separate Keywords by Comma. … Avoid Duplicates in Your Keywords. … Regularly Update Your iOS Keywords.

Where is my app store review?

Any app review you’ve left for any app, pretty much ever, can be found inside your iTunes account settings. This is where you can view and even delete App Store reviews directly from your device: … Tap on iTunes and App Store. Tap on your Apple ID at the very top and choose the View Apple ID option in the popup window.

How many keywords can you have in the app store?

3. How to optimize your App Store keyword field – Best Practices. The other very important app indexing keywords component is the App Store Connect Keyword Field allowing you to include a set of 100-character keywords. The given space is quite reduced so you need to make sure to choose your keywords wisely.