Question: How Many Gallons Of Antifreeze Does A 6.7 Cummins Take?

What kind of coolant does a 6.7 Cummins take?

Mopar® Antifreeze/Coolant, 5 Year/160,000 km (100,000 Mile) Formula (MS-9769), or the equivalent ethylene glycol base coolant with organic corrosion inhibitors (called HOAT, for Hybrid Organic Additive Technology) is recommended..

How much fluid does a 68rfe hold?

Shift the transmission into Neutral and ATF will begin flowing into the container. Once the flow begins to dwindle, immediately turn off the engine. This technique on the 68RFE yielded 10 quarts (at least that is how much I put back into the transmission to get it to the proper level).

Is a 5.9 or 6.7 Cummins better?

Since the 5.9l is an older engine, you would expect it to be somewhat less efficient. However, due to the more stringent EPA emission rules, the 6.7l has additional filters and redactors. This makes it cleaner, sure, but the tradeoff is a noticeably lower fuel economy.

How do I add coolant to my Dodge Ram 2500?

Getting Started.Open the Hood.Find Reservoir. Locate the coolant reservoir and clean it.Check Level. Determine the coolant level.Add Coolant. Determine coolant type and add fluid properly.Replace Cap. Secure the coolant reservoir cap.Locate Hoses. Locate the coolant hoses and connection points.Assess Hoses.More items…

What are the problems with the 6.7 Cummins?

Common 6.7 Cummins Problems and Issues:Clogged turbocharger.EGR and DPF issues.Exhaust troubles.Usual check-engine light.Head gasket failures.Injectors going bad.

How much oil does a 2012 6.7 Cummins hold?

2007 – 2017 Ram 2500/3500, 6.7L Cummins Fluid Specs & CapacitiesEngine oil2007.5 – 201812 qts oil capacity w/ oil filter change2019Engine cooling system2007.5 – 2012~ 5.7 gallons2013 – 2019Automatic transmission fluid68RFE 6 spd auto17.5 qts total capacity ~ 5.5 – 6.5 qts service refill15 more rows

How much coolant does a Ram 2500 hold?

This 1996 Ram 2500 has a cooling system capacity of 6 gallons (common for 12v Cummins engines). Divide your total cooling system capacity by 2; this is the amount of coolant concentrate (anti-freeze) that you must add to the radiator.

What antifreeze to use in Dodge Cummins?

Mopar® Antifreeze/Coolant, 5 Year/160,000 km (100,000 Mile) Formula (MS-9769), or the equivalent ethylene glycol base coolant with organic corrosion inhibitors (called HOAT, for Hybrid Organic Additive Technology) is recommended.

What color is Hoat antifreeze?

The Colors of CoolantTYPEINHIBITOR TECHNOLOGYCOLORIAT (Inorganic Additive Technology)SilicatesGREENOAT (Organic Acid Technology)Organic AcidsORANGEHOAT (Hybrid OAT)Silicates & Organic AcidsYELLOWHOAT (Hybrid OAT, Phosphate-free)NAP FreeTURQUOISE2 more rows

What is Hoat coolant?

Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT) is a combination of IAT and OAT. Several manufacturers are using HOAT for their vehicles. One version is dyed orange and contains 10% recycled antifreeze. Another version is dyed yellow and does not contain any recycled antifreeze.

What is the best year Dodge Cummins to buy?

1989-1993 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 – Timeless Diesel.2003-2008 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 Heavy Duty – Best Used Diesel Value.2010-2013 Ram 2500 Heavy Duty – Most Capable Diesel.2020 Ram 3500 Heavy Duty – First 1,000 lb-ft Diesel.1999-2003 Super Duty – Best Budget Diesel.2008-2010 Super Duty – Best Diesel to Modify.More items…•

How many gallons of oil does a 5.9 Cummins take?

Add 11 quarts of engine oil (the 5.9L Cummins has a 12 quart capacity, however 1 quart has already been added to the oil filter) through the engine fill tube located at the front of the timing cover. Verify the engine oil level using the engine oil dipstick.

How much does a 12 valve Cummins weigh?

5.9L 12v Cummins SpecsProduction Years:1989 – 1998Valvetrain:OHV, 2 valves per cylinder, solid lifter camshaftValve Lash (Clearance):Exhaust Valve:0.020″ (engine cold)Intake Valve:0.010″ (engine cold)Weight:Approx. 1,100 lbs dry22 more rows

Is Dexcool Hoat coolant?

Dex-Cool® is an OAT, an ethylene glycol based antifreeze that is nitrite-, borate-, phosphate-, nitrate-, amine-, and silicate-free with the same metal wear protection as an IAT antifreeze. Dex-Cool® is trademarked by GM. HOAT (Hybrid Organic Acid Technology) Mixture of OAT and IAT antifreeze.

What Cummins Engine is the best?

The 6.7L Cummins has proven itself as one of the best in the game for pickups that pull or haul heavy loads (with factory ratings up to 30,000 pounds). And, for those who race pickups, the 6.7L is the preferred engine of many heavy-hitters at our own Diesel Power Challenge events.

When did the 68rfe come out?

2007Chrysler’s first diesel specific transmission, the 68RFE was introduced alongside the 6.7L Cummins turbodiesel midway into the 2007 model year.

How do I know if my coolant is Hoat?

One way to know for sure if you are getting HOAT will be by the packaging. Manufacturers often refer to this anti-freeze as “global” and will indicate on the bottle that it meets or exceeds the specification “G-05” for most European cars and G-11 or G-12 for Volkswagen and Audi.