Question: How Much Is A 2006 Pontiac GTO Worth?

How much is a 1967 GTO worth?

You might think with so many sold during two prolific years (almost 180,000 in total) that 1966-67 GTOs would be less expensive than other versions.

Not so.

Despite plentiful supply, the US market, is asking $30,000 even for single-carb Hardtops in average condition..

How much is a 2006 Pontiac Vibe worth?

The value of a used 2006 Pontiac Vibe ranges from $840 to $2,345, based on vehicle condition, mileage, and options.

What is the value of a 2005 Pontiac Vibe?

2005 Pontiac Vibe Value – $703-$2,090 | Edmunds.

Which Pontiac GTO is best?

Picking the Best Year for the Pontiac GTO The grille, chrome trim, and rear taillight louvers on the 1966 model are exceptional looking. However, given all the safety features on the 1967 model, as well as the 400 cubic inch V8 engine, the 1967 is likely your best bet if you’re looking to buy one of these classic cars.

How much is a 1966 GTO worth?

a fair price to sell it the way it is about 3500.00. 5 people found this helpful. If it was in purfact shape it would go around 68-80,000.

Is the 2006 Pontiac GTO a good car?

One of the best V8s ever made under the hood, comfortable enough to drive every day, interior design and quality worthy of the price tag.

How much is a Pontiac Vibe worth?

The value of a used 2010 Pontiac Vibe ranges from $1,998 to $5,628, based on vehicle condition, mileage, and options.

Why do they call a Pontiac GTO a goat?

So if you consider the term Goat, it indicates an animal that can eat anything, while the Pontiac GTO is known for “eating anything on the street”, as a nod to its power and capability of beating other cars while racing.

What is the difference between a GTO and a judge?

Unlike the original GTO, the Judge was designed from the start to be brash and bold. Unique stripes, a blacked-out grille, body-colored spoiler and the requisite “The Judge” decals separated it from other muscle cars on the road.

Is a Pontiac Vibe a good car?

1,096 Total Reviews Of all the compact cars that wore Pontiac badges, the Vibe was by far the best. Smart packaging is what made this small wagon desirable, as the Vibe combined clean styling, a roomy interior and exceptional utility under one affordably priced roof. A peppy powertrain was another welcome feature.

What was the best year for the GTO?

1966The division sold 96,946 GTOs for the 1966 model year, the best year ever for the GTO. GM banned multiple carburetors on everything but the Corvette for 1967, so Pontiac enlarged the GTO engine to 400 cubic inches, the maximum capacity GM approved for its intermediate cars.

What does GTO stand for in cars?

Gran Turismo OmologatoGTO stands for Gran Turismo Omologato in Italian (Grand Touring Homologated in English). While the initials may be most closely associated with the 1960s Pontiac GTO muscle car, the origin — the reason for the Italian translation — actually traces back as a car name to Enzo Ferrari and his classic Ferrari 250 GTO.

How much horsepower does a 1969 GTO have?

The standard engine option in a Judge for 1969 was a 366-hp, Ram Air III 400-cu-in engine. If that wasn’t butch enough, an optional Ram Air IV 400 engine could be selected.

How much is a 1969 Pontiac GTO worth?

1969 Pontiac GTO ValuationBodystylesMedian SaleConvertible$44,500Hardtop$26,400’Judge’ Convertible$121,000’Judge’ Hardtop$57,200

What is the rarest GTO?

For this reason, Pontiac only produced 17 GTO Judge 455 convertibles that year, making it one of the rarest GTOs and muscle cars in automotive history.

What engine came in 1967 GTO?

A 400 cu inch V8 engine was standard for 1967 GTO. The standard engine could yield 335hp @5200 rpm with a torque of 431@3200. Since multiple carburetor system was no more a possible choice, it was replaced with a Rochester four barrel carburetor.

What made the GTO a judge?

The Pontiac GTO is a classic American muscle car produced between 1964 and 1973. … The 1969 GTO was named “The Judge” after a popular skit called “Here Comes the Judge” made famous by Sammy Davis Jr. on the popular comedy television show Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In.

How fast is a Pontiac GTO?

With two testers and equipment aboard, they recorded a 0–60 miles per hour (0–97 km/h) acceleration time of 5.8 seconds, the standing quarter-mile in 14.5 seconds with a trap speed of 100 miles per hour (160 km/h), and an observed top speed of 114 miles per hour (182.4 km/h) at the engine’s 6,000 rpm redline.