Question: Is There A Shuttle From Honolulu Airport To Turtle Bay Resort?

How far is Turtle Bay from Boston?

5100 milesHow far is it from Boston to Turtle Bay Resort.

The distance between Boston and Turtle Bay Resort is 5100 miles..

How far is Honolulu Airport to Turtle Bay Resort?

55 minute driveTurtle Bay is a 55 minute drive from the Honolulu International Airport.

Is there a shuttle bus from Honolulu Airport to Waikiki?

Clik Shuttle can provide you with a comfortable shuttle ride from Honolulu Airport to Waikiki. They offer various services to fit any of your needs – you can choose between the affordable shared shuttle and exclusive shuttle ride which is more expensive. Their shared shuttle can take you to Waikiki for $10.

Is Turtle Bay Resort All Inclusive?

Turtle Bay is not an all-inclusive resort. Costs include room, resort fee and taxes.

How far is Turtle Beach from Waikiki?

30 minute driveIt is a solid drive to the western side of the island but if you have a car this is your spot. After the 30 minute drive from Waikiki, you will be treated with clear water and an abundance of wildlife. This beach attracts all kinds of marine life due to the slightly warmer water due to the electric plant nearby.

What is included at Turtle Bay Resort?

The following items are included in the Resort Service Fee: Beats Pill Bluetooth speaker use, dial Housekeeping for details. Unlimited local telephone calls. In-room coffee and tea. Nalu Kinetic Spa Fitness Center and Business Center 24-hour access.

What island is the prettiest in Hawaii?

View 38 Photos. Kauai. #1 in Best Hawaiian Islands. … View 44 Photos. Maui. #2 in Best Hawaiian Islands. … View 35 Photos. Hawaii – The Big Island. #3 in Best Hawaiian Islands. … View 25 Photos. Lanai. #4 in Best Hawaiian Islands. … View 46 Photos. Honolulu – Oahu. #5 in Best Hawaiian Islands.

Does Turtle Bay Resort have an airport shuttle?

Turtle Bay Resort does not have taxi or Uber service readily available. … For your transportation needs, please contact North Shore Transport to arrange shuttle transportation to and from the Honolulu International airport, transfers to other hotels and resorts, and shuttles to nearby towns and activities.

How do I get from Honolulu Airport to Turtle Bay Resort?

The best way to get from Honolulu Airport (HNL) to Turtle Bay Resort without a car is to line 19 bus and bus which takes 2h 30m and costs $6.

Is Turtle Bay Resort open to public?

Public Hours Public access is available sunrise to sunset, any day of the year, including holidays. No access is allowed after sunset, unless authorized in writing by Turtle Bay Resort.

How far is Turtle Bay from Pearl Harbor?

25 milesThe distance between Turtle Bay Resort and Naval Station Pearl Harbor is 25 miles.

How far is Turtle Bay from Waikiki Beach?

39 milesYes, the driving distance between Honolulu to Turtle Bay Resort is 39 miles.

Does Turtle Bay Resort have a luau?

Luau & More Turtle Bay Resort is located a short 10-minute drive from the Polynesian Cultural Center – which is known as the most authentic Hawaiian Luau. A feast fit for a king, the royal ceremony of ancient luaus is recreated.