Question: What Is Mano Short For?

Is Kaka a bad word?

I don’t speak Spanish either, but sort of used to and don’t think it is a bad word.

Caca means something along the lines of poo.

Kaká (with the stressed a at the end) is a Brazilian football player.

It’s a bad word for children..

What is a Chula?

Chula is Spanish slang for “cute” or “a beautiful woman,” often seen in mami chula (“hottie”).

What does Foe mean in Snapchat?

FOE. Family Over Everything (band) FOE. Freakin’ Operator Error (polite version) showing only Slang/Internet Slang definitions (show all 43 definitions)

What is the full meaning of Wat?

West Africa TimeWAT – West Africa Time (Standard Time) … West Africa Time (WAT) is 1 hour ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Is Desmadre a bad word?

Desmadre – When something is a complete disaster / mess / chaos / wild. Has both positive and negative meanings. … ‘Tu cuarto es un desmadre’ Your room is an utter mess.

Is foe a real word?

noun. a person who feels enmity, hatred, or malice toward another; enemy: a bitter foe.

What does Boka mean in Nepali?

In Nepali language “boka” simply means goat. Every word has its double meaning so another meaning of boka is playboy. When one man has multiple girlfriends and turns on when he sees every girl he is called boka. “Boka” Is a slang word used frequently by teenagers now a days.

What does Mamacita mean?

little motherThe literal translation of mamacita is “little mother” but the figurative and more accurate translation is “hot momma.” The moniker is never really used to describe an actual mother, a genuine mamá or mamita. Instead, the word is inextricably linked to a man’s perception of a woman as an object of sexual desire.

What is Wat short for?

Wat is a masculine given name or nickname, often a diminutive variant of the given name Walter, especially in Scotland, and North East England.

What does Wat mean in slang?

Technology, IT etc (11) WAT’S^ — Whats Up. WAT — What. WAT — Without A Trace. WAT — We are Talented.

What does mano mean in slang?

Usually used as a conjunction to bridge between thoughts) – It comes from “muchacho”, which means “guy”, or more closely related to “man” in English slang, as in hey man, what’s up. Acho and Chacho are both abbreviations of the same word. mano! literally means hand, but it is short for hermano, which means brother!)

What is foe short for?

FOEAcronymDefinitionFOEFirm Order ExceptionFOEFriends of Environment (Society; Jordan)FOEFat Oljeekvivalenter (Norwegian: Barrel of Oil Equivalent)FOEFamily Over Everything (band)38 more rows

What does Puti mean?

bright and colourlessAdjective. puti. bright and colourless; reflecting equal quantities of all frequencies of visible light. having light-coloured skin, not necessarily Caucasians.

What means enemy?

noun, plural en·e·mies. a person who feels hatred for, fosters harmful designs against, or engages in antagonistic activities against another; an adversary or opponent. an armed foe; an opposing military force: The army attacked the enemy at dawn. a hostile nation or state.