Question: What Should I Avoid In Sri Lanka?

How much is the duty free allowance in Sri Lanka?

The baggage for the purpose of exemption from Customs duty (adults)Period of stay abroadAllowance categoryPurchases from Sri Lanka duty free shop on arrival(Value in USD)Less than 90 daysA187.5more than 90 days but less than 365 daysB625more than 365 daysC1750.

Is visa required for Sri Lanka?

Visitors to Sri Lanka visiting for tourism purposes must obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), unless they are exempt, prior to arrival or on arrival to Sri Lanka or they must obtain a visa in advance. All visitors must hold a passport valid for 6 months.

Do Indian citizens need a visa for Sri Lanka?

For Indian citizens, you do need a visa even if you won’t go out of the airport (transit area). … For Indian citizens, you need an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) to travel to Sri Lanka, and these are individual authorizations, so you can’t apply like a family.

Is Sri Lanka safe at night?

Muggings are very rare, though single travellers (especially women) should avoid dark beaches late at night – Negombo and Hikkaduwa have particularly bad reputations. If you do experience crime in Sri Lanka, report it to the police.

Can I wear shorts in Sri Lanka?

I would recommend packing pants (any kind) or activewear instead because it will keep you cooler. Shorts or skirts would be the best option. Do note that you will likely need to wear pants when you go to Nuwara Eliya or Ella – Sri Lanka’s Hill Country – as it is significantly colder than the coast.

Can I drink the water in Sri Lanka?

Avoid drinking tap water in Sri Lanka. Although it’s generally chlorinated and safe to drink, the unfamiliar micro-organisms it contains (compared with what you’re used to at home) can easily precipitate a stomach upset. Also avoid ice, unless you’re sure that it’s been made with boiled or purified water.

Can I use Indian Rupee in Sri Lanka?

The currency accepted in Sri Lanka is Sri Lankan Rupee. Since it’s a closed currency, you can only get it once you enter Sri Lanka and should exchange any remaining currency while leaving the country. Yes you can carry Indian rupees, but you can’t use it in Sri Lanka, you have to exchange with the local currency.

Why Sri Lanka is famous for?

Sri Lanka is well known for its rich Buddhist culture as well as other religions. Being a religious country, Sri Lanka has many places with religious and historic significance, which attract tourists from all over the world.

How do you say goodbye in Sri Lanka?

So you are in luck!…Basic expressions / Common Words.EnglishCinghalaisSorrySamaāvaGoodbyeAyubowanWelcomePaiḷaigaænaīmaeThank you (very much)Bohoma istouti9 more rows

What currency does Sri Lanka use?

Sri Lankan rupeeSri Lanka/CurrenciesThe rupee (Sinhala: රුපියල්, (signs: Rs, රු; code: LKR) is the currency of Sri Lanka, divided into 100 cents. It is issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

Is Sri Lanka dangerous for tourists?

By and large, Sri Lanka is super safe, particularly for travellers. The homicide rates are low, around 2.3%. In comparison, America is around 5%, while most European countries are less than 1%. Most homicides involve locals gangs or domestic violence, so attacks against travellers are extremely uncommon.

Is Sri Lanka safe for LGBT?

The government of Sri Lanka stated that LGBT persons in Sri Lanka were constitutionally protected from discrimination.