Quick Answer: What Kind Of Oil Does A Mercedes Sprinter Take?

Which is cheaper to maintain BMW or Mercedes?

In general which brand of car is the least expensive to maintain BMW or Mercedes-Benz.

The average annual repair cost for the BMWs surveyed is a bit less than for Mercedes, but the number of annual repairs and their severity are both higher for the BMW..

What is service B sprinter?

Service B on a Mercedes Sprinter consists of the following: Oil Change (See here for oil change information) Check tire pressure. Inspect brake pads. Change Cabin Air Filter (watch How to Change a Cabin Air Filter.

Can I put regular oil in my Mercedes?

Which should I use for my Mercedes-Benz? While conventional oil can be used in many Mercedes-Benz models, it is highly recommended that you use synthetic oil. Doing this will increase your engine’s function and have your car performing at a much higher level.

Why are diesel oil changes so expensive?

The cost of a diesel oil change will vary depending on where you go. In general, a diesel oil change can be more expensive than a standard oil change simply because diesel fuel and oil cost more than petroleum.

What is Mercedes Sprinter Service A?

Sprinter Service A Service A consists of the following: Diesel Exhaust Fluid Replacement. Mercedes-Benz Synthetic Motor Oil Replacement*** Fluid level Inspections and Corrections. … Tire Inflation Inspection and Correction.

Can I take my Mercedes to Jiffy Lube?

The answer is NO. You are permitted to take your car any place you would like to have it serviced and repaired. The Mercedes dealer would like you to believe that your local European repair facility doesn’t have the tools, correct diagnostic equipment, or skills to work on your vehicle.

How long can a Mercedes go without an oil change?

In the past service experts and owner’s manuals suggested that vehicles needed an oil change every 3,000 miles/3 months, but this is becoming an outdated routine. Newer engines run much cleaner, which means that brand new Mercedes-Benz models only need an oil change every 10,000 miles.

Do Mercedes need synthetic oil?

Most Mercedes-Benz models built since 2010 will only require an oil change every 10,000 miles or once a year. You may have noticed your Mercedes-Benz recommends using synthetic motor oil rather than conventional motor oil.

How much oil does a Mercedes Sprinter take?

Add engine oil. Sprinters use MB 229.52 spec oil but check your owner™s manual just to be sure. You™ll need 12.5 quarts (‰ˆ 12.5 Liters) of this oil. Unscrew the oil filling spout cap.

How much oil does a 2016 Mercedes Sprinter hold?

Engine Oil Capacities: With filter 13.2 quarts After refill check oil level.

Why is a Mercedes Benz oil change so expensive?

That’s mainly because Mercedes-Benz vehicles require synthetic oil. You also might be more comfortable visiting the dealer or a specialty shop for an oil change instead of a chain, and that would increase the cost. At the same time, you only have to replace the oil every year or 10,000 miles, which is nice.

What is considered high mileage for a Mercedes Benz?

155,000 milesThe Mercedes-Benz Classic High Mileage Award is presented to owners whose vehicles have logged 155,000 miles or more.

What is the best oil for Mercedes Sprinter?

Mercedes recommends Mobil 1 5W-30 oil. Mobil 1 5W 30 is a terrible oil for break-in, has an outrageously high NOACK value, high ash content, handles soot poorly, is low in zinc. It’s pretty much bad for everything in a Sprinter, except a few percent better fuel economy very early in the life of the engine.

What are the best years for Sprinter vans?

The 2006 model year in particular is a well-loved model by those who have owned one. This study shows that out of people who have personal experience with Sprinter models from 2004-2010 nearly 40% vote the 2006 model as the best one out there.

What kind of oil does a Mercedes Sprinter 313 take?

5 is the most relevant to commercial vehicles. The viscosity can be anything from 0W-30 to 10W60 or 20W-50 and most people seem to go for a 10W-40.

What kind of oil does a Mercedes ml350 take?

synthetic motor oilthe 2015 mercedes benz uses ml350 uses synthetic motor oil 0w-40.

Can I use 5w30 in Mercedes?

Mercedes-Benz recommends only the use of Mercedes-Benz approved synthetic motor oil for all vehicles equipped with the Flexible Service System (1998 & newer). … Mobil 1 ESP Formula M 5W-40 | MB Sheet: 229.5. Mobil 1 SuperSyn European Car Formula 0W-40 | MB Sheet: 229.3. Castrol Syntec 5W-40 | MB Sheet: 229.3.

How often should you change oil in a Mercedes Sprinter?

Change engine oil and replace oil filters after every 20,000 miles.