What Does Marone Mean In Italian Slang?

What does Fugazi mean in Italian?

Fugazy or fugazi in the sense of “fake” is strongly associated with Italian communities in New York and New Jersey, but has also been more widely adopted through the popularity of the movie Donnie Brasco and through hip-hop..

What does compa mean in Italian?

(slang) male friend, buddy.

What is Gabagool slang for?

Gabagool is slang for capicola. It is not a mispronunciation, but is instead in Napolitan dialect, which is what the Sopranos and many Italian-Americans use.

What does Paisan in Italian mean?

fellow countrymanDefinition of ‘paisan’ 1. a fellow countryman. 2. US. an Italian-American.

What does Maron in Italian mean?

It’s North Italian slang for balls (i.e testicles). Mostly used in the plural (guess why?): maroni or just maron. It comes from a kind of larger fleshy chestnut, called (in standard Italian) marrone pl.

What is a Gavone?

Gavone is Italian-American slang taken from the Italian word Cafone. It can be used to describe a person of little class, but the Urban Dictionary defines it as such: 4.

What does Stugats mean?

According to Lingo2word.com, Stugotz could be derived from the Italian word ‘Stugats’ which means testicles.

What does Mook mean in Italian?

What does Goomba mean in Italian? Slang A companion or associate, especially an older friend who acts as a patron, protector, or adviser. Etymology: Probably alteration of Italian compare, godfather, from Medieval Latin compater.

What does Gagootz mean?

crazy in the head– If you’re on Staten Island and you hear someone ask, “Ay, what are you, GAGOOTZ?” It means your “crazy in the head.” … But if you’re in, say, a mature, Italian-American gentleman’s garden, that “gagootz” refers to a long, hanging squash typically harvested in August.

What does Goomba mean in Italian?

1 informal : a close friend or associate —used especially among Italian-American men. 2 informal : a member of a secret chiefly Italian-American crime organization : mafioso broadly : gangster. 3 informal : a macho Italian-American man.

What does Madone a MIA mean?


What does managa mean?

With two sets of double consonants, mannaggia is a mouthful – but a satisfying one. It’s an exclamation you can use when you’re impatient, irritated, frustrated or disappointed, much like ‘damn! ‘ Mannaggia, che guaio.

What does mamaluke mean in Italian?

A mamaluke is an Italian word, actually an Italian slang word, for someone who does something dumb, stupid, silly or foolish. (Or is dumb, stupid, silly, or foolish.) … Mamaluke is a word that’s almost always aimed at guys, that is, males of the Italian-American persuasion.

What does Madone mean in The Sopranos?

I just realized that some might not know what this means during the course of the series. “Madone” (not “Marone”) is their truncated way of saying “Madonna” — Mother Mary — the Theotokos — the Mother of Jesus Christ. So “Oooof Madone!” is like saying “Oh Mother Mary!”

What does Maddon mean in Italian?

Briefly, the word “Madon” means nothing in Italian. However, in some dialects “Madon” is short for “Madonna”, which commonly is used in reference to the “Blessed Mother” or Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ. In Renaissance times, “Messere” and “Madonna” were the Italian equivalents of “My Lord” and “My Lady”.