What Is Another Word For Not Accurate?

What does accurate mean in English?


free from error or defect; consistent with a standard, rule, or model; precise; exact..

What word class is wrong?

One cause is that the form of the two suggests that the first is an adjective and the second an adverb, with wrong only to be used to modify nouns (“this is the wrong colour”) and wrongly to modify verbs (“several men were wrongly detained”). But wrong can also be an adverb.

What is the opposite of wrong?

Antonym of WrongWordAntonymWrongCorrect, RightGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

Is it Unaccurate or inaccurate?

As adjectives the difference between unaccurate and inaccurate. is that unaccurate is not accurate while inaccurate is mistaken or incorrect; not accurate.

What is a synonym and antonym for accurate?

accurate. Antonyms: careless, inexact, faulty, incorrect, inaccurate, loose, defective. Synonyms: careful, exact, faithful, precise, correct, close, truthful, strict, just, actual, nice.

What is a better word for wrong?

untrue, inaccurate, mistaken, unsound, bad, erroneous, awry, amiss, misguided, false, reprehensible, illegal, unlawful, unfair, sinful, unjust, unethical, incorrect, funny, unacceptable.

What is the closest antonym for the word accurate?

Antonyms for accuratecareless.counterfeit.easy-going.false.general.imprecise.improper.inaccurate.More items…

How can you make something more accurate?

How do you improve accuracy? The accuracy can be improved through the experimental method if each single measurement is made more accurate, e.g. through the choice of equipment. Implementing a method that reduces systematic errors will improve accuracy.

What is the antonym of function?

Antonyms: misfunction, malfunction. Synonyms: routine, map, single-valued function, social function, use, procedure, mathematical function, subroutine, role, affair, part, subprogram, occasion, office, purpose, social occasion, mapping.

What does not accurate mean?

If what you tell me is not exactly right, it is inaccurate. If you measured the amount of rainfall incorrectly, your data about the climate would be inaccurate. Accuracy means being very precise and getting the information right. When something is inaccurate, it is the opposite of exact.

What are two synonyms for Scared?

Synonyms of ‘scared’afraid. She did not seem at all afraid. … alarmed. They should not be too alarmed by the press reports.frightened. She was too frightened to tell them what happened.terrified. She was terrified that he would attack her.fearful. … petrified. … panicky. … panic-stricken.

Is more accurate grammatically correct?

4 Answers. “More correct” is acceptable (especially in the adverbial form “More correctly”). That said, you will usually see “More accurate” instead. “More correct” is certainly used when talking of forms of address.

What’s another word for not accurate?

What is another word for not accurate?erroneousincorrectfalseinaccurateuntruewronginexactinvalidunsoundfaulty185 more rows

What makes something accurate?

In simpler terms, given a set of data points from repeated measurements of the same quantity, the set can be said to be accurate if their average is close to the true value of the quantity being measured, while the set can be said to be precise if the values are close to each other.